Welcome to the first edition of my new blog! I hope that through this outlet, I can help everyone get to know more about me, while keeping you engaged and entertained.  

Writing has always been a huge passion of mine, and I am ecstatic to start sharing my journey into Adult through the written word. The goal will be to update here at least once a week, keeping you all abreast (ha) to my upcoming projects, major career events, and interesting personal tidbits.

Most recently was FetishCon and the Fetish Awards. This was my first year attending, and while I love fetish work and do regularly shoot it, I still felt a bit out of my element. Despite being nervous and a bit shy, I was still working every day (racking up a total of 8 shoots), and shot one hell of a content trade with Nadia White, Melody Cummings, R.E. Zee and Phil Colons: stay tuned because this scene was FILTHY FUN!

The awards were a bit of a let down, as it was my first ever nomination (Favorite Short Clip: “Creepy Bastard” by Dave’s Custom Media), and I was excited to cheer for us and all the hard work we did, but the hostess mixed up the order of everything 🙃 Oh well, maybe next year.

At the moment I’m pet sitting one of my fur nieces from when I was a dog walker full time; I can’t believe I get paid to take care of this perfect angel!

(Please, ADOPT, don’t shop. We rescued this sweetheart the day she was going to be out down at the local Animal Care and Control)

Coming up will be another day with Dave’s Custom Media, and I finally get my hands on the lovely Anastasia Rose. After that I’m off to Portland and LA, so stay tuned for exciting updates. Thanks for joining me here!